Wading Through Murky Waters

The Witchy community is a diverse group of people. We do not always get along, but usually, we can converse like adults and handle our business. Of course, in every community, there are the infamous “Man-Child” types of either gender who are drama seekers to get attention. Although this post is more of a rant/venting session than anything else, I promise I do have a point to make.

When I try to bring positivity, I am met with resistance. This same thing happened to a lovely Witch that I will not name here because she got a popular response to her hashtag #BeTheWitchyChange – Positive Pagan Challenge.

Now, this resistance is natural. People like to continue being the same way because it is comfortable and known to them. Or, they feed off of negativity and drama.

What I want to say here is that the community needs to learn to deal with things like this in a cooperative, action-oriented manner. I understand the need to rant, believe me, I’m doing one right now, but finding solutions rather than causing more negative focus would be helpful. That is not to say never bring it up, please DO so but chat about solutions. Or turn it into a learning opportunity.

I love my fellow Witches dearly and hope to find friends since I’m finally brave enough to come out in the open now. I no longer listen to those who say “you can label yourself as a witch but don’t flaunt it in public”. I’ll wear my symbols if I want to. I’ll talk about scrying in a crowded coffee shop and give readings. I’ll discuss amalgamation, alchemy, herbal tinctures, and ghosts in a mall surrounded by strangers! But since seeing all of this negativity and drama, I began to question why I am in this community at all.

Today, I saw someone I know leave the spiritual path and community of Pagan Witchcraft. Why? She felt like if she wasn’t always talking about or practicing Paganism or Witchcraft, then she’d be a target for those negative drama seekers and would not be viewed as a real Witch. She didn’t want that. Nor did she want to be restricted in what she could do with her life.

Things that I mentioned above are horrible issues that need to be addressed in a cooperative, action-oriented, progressive, and educational way. Rant if you must but try to spin it into something productive. Many of us are already worn down from everything going on, newbies are questioning why they came here if it isn’t accepting of who they are, we don’t want those we look up to walking through the murky waters, too. Guide us to the clear end of the lake.

Lately, I felt like I was wading through murky waters whenever I wanted to talk to people in the community or post a video. It feels as if I said one thing wrong, the people I looked up to would ban me or delete me for no reason. They would judge me for not knowing every single thing going on. It would break my heart. That isn’t a good feeling. It isn’t a feeling anyone should be feeling at all.

What do I think I did wrong? The stupid Trump binding. I thought it was a joke so I “liked” one person’s comment about laughing at a video on it. Little did I know that it was real… Then, once I did know, I stated I respected their reasoning to do so but I would not partake. Then I lost subscribers as well as began being ignored by folks who were talking to me before because they thought I was attacking Witches who were doing the binding by liking a comment and not agreeing to partake.

That is stupid. That is childish. I am not telepathic, TALK to me about things. Rant over. Thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts, leave them below or visit me at my YouTube channel by clicking here.

~ Crystal




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