Intuition Training Week 4

There was a 1-week reflection in between weeks 2 and 3. This week what I want you to do is take a look at the fearful and wishful thinking that can sidetrack your intuition. These things cause you to not trust yourself at all and allow others to dictate what you believe to be true about your surroundings, your life, and your own being. Examples:

  1. That money and materials will bring you happiness.
  2. Opposites attract.
  3. Life is fair and what goes around comes back around.
  4. She’s into me because she smiled at me.
  5. My country is the greatest country in the world.
  6. They said they will do it, so they will.
  7. We are best friends now and it will always be that way.
  8. Social phobias causing you to think everyone is out to get you.
  9. Fear of dogs makes you think going to the park will cause harm to you, especially if you see a dog.

Write all of the things down that you believe to be true about yourself, your life, and then your surroundings. Test those theories. Has money made you happier than experiences? When? How often? With whom? Has someone always done what they said they would or are they stringing you along with manipulation (you may be lonely and putting up with them for no good reason)?

Next, write down things you know for a fact are true and take note of the literal gut feeling you get from reading them aloud and looking at the evidence (photos, items, memories, etc.). This gut feeling is a part of KNOWING which is a huge part of intuition.

  1. I am married (you have a ring, had a wedding, etc.)
  2. I have a dog (the dog is sitting in front of you.)
  3. My friend has not helped me with anything meaningful even after I helped them so many times (have examples).
  4. I am a good person (look at examples or have people tell you honestly if you are or aren’t).

NOTE: You may discover some things are not what they seem. Stay calm. Life is not over. You are not living a lie nor are you stupid. I am opening your eyes to intuition and in the process, potentially improving your life as well.

Thank you to Quora for some of these examples. See ya next week!

Weeks 1 & 2 can be watched here.


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