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This blog, as well as the corresponding YouTube channel, helps support the Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, as well as every other magical community around the world through interactive, informative, and positive activities.

How do I do this? Simple!

I provide fun worksheets to help practitioners increase their knowledge and/or incorporate new ways into their workings/spells/rituals,  aid in the concoction of herbal remedies to soothe anxiety, health issues, and other ailments, provide journaling prompts specific to our community, explain common misconceptions, create and teach series on specific abilities and information that I have, support the divination community through new tarot spreads and ways of divining, and more!

What you will NOT find here:

  • Drama
  • Anger
  • Hate
  • Racism
  • and all that other negative stuff!

But who writes this stuff? And HOW are you qualified to do so?

Good question.

cropped-cvdvb2.jpgMy name is Crystal and I have been a Tarot Reader for 4 years, a Dream Interpreter for 10 years, and a practicing Witch for 2 years. I am always on the lookout to improve the community, collect new information as well as fix any errors I find, provide a new perspective on all things magical/metaphysical, add logic to a conversation, and as always add positive vibes to everything and everyone I encounter! My herbal remedies, smudges, spells, divination techniques, and journal prompts are always tested and researched for months before I post them anywhere.

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As with any blog or channel you encounter, ask a doctor before using any herbs, oils, etc. on your body or for consuming. My journal prompts, advice, and related items do not replace the help of a therapist or doctor. If you take medication, stay on it until advised otherwise by a licensed professional. I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, nor any other licensed profession. You accept the risk of whatever you try here, and I have no responsibility in your decision making nor will I accept responsibility for any consequences for what happens to you. For divination policies, click here.